Flashback DVD
Relive the memories . . . with this exciting look back to our high school days!


The images below represent actual footage from the DVD.
You can zoom into the film strip cluster for closer inspection.

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A B O U T   T H I S   D V D :

JEFF KRUGER, Executive Producer
(my over-blown title is actually a minimally-impactful, self-appointed role, meant to be a bit tongue-in-cheek here.)

Greetings, fellow Mules! It’s been a wild ride getting the DVD this to happen, but we hope you feel it was worth the wait! I have attempted to sow the seeds of our original idea, steward it through the creative process, and finally bring it to fruition — by overseeing the work of our esteemed contributors, involving the committee as partners and capturing their vision for this project, dealing the financial realities of bringing these lost treasures to market, as well as determining the proper duplication and distribution channels. My ultimate goal was to see that this wonderful undertaking was completed on time, within budget, and to the agreed artistic and technical standards we strived for. Here’s a bit of detail of how it happened, and what you can expect to see in this extraordinary compendium of our high school years.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Classmate John Joyce was lucky enough to still be in posession of some cherished memories. He had these assets at his disposal, captured on film, perhaps awaiting the chance to be revealed at just the the right time.

John donated the cost of the transfer from 8mm film and created an appropriate music sound track to sweeten the videos he edited. It all came together nicely -- in a suscinct package worthy of inclusion here.

I originally learned of the game film a bit earlier, courtesy of Lou Celia Stubbs Frost. She revealed that she possessed a VHS tape of this complete game -- among her copious reunion archives. The idea of having the efforts of our varsity football team preserved for reproduction (and sharing) was deliciously intreguing.

A short preview of the football highlight video dropped on Facebook in September (courtesy of Max Strozier) with a taste of the footage. It certainly peaked the interest of many classmates and created a bit of buzz in advance of our reunion get-together.

We needed to set a very tight production schedule to enable enough bandwidth to review, sequence and submit the segments to our production partners. John met our deadline, and surprised us with even more output -- augmenting his game film with pictures of our cheerleaders, band, pep rally, and individual player highlights, noting superlative performances (such as city leading rusher Rod Hinson) and generally recognizing steller efforts by his varsity teammates. Finally, a basketball companion to the football footage was produced as well, all in time for inclusion in the final production that we are offering today.

Now the entire AHHS vs. McCollum game -- although edited neatly and presented in a smooth, yet rapid pace -- may not be everyone's cup of tea (or gatorade), but it flows nicely and includes some great background shots of the Spurs/Chaps cheering from the stands on the far side of Harlandale Stadium, and our marching band queing up in the left endzone for their half-time performance. Most importantly, this is a reminder of how high school sports, coaches, spirit teams, bands and fans all work together in community support of their specific school and athletic programs. And seeing our classmates — on the field and in action -- is definitely part of the fun!

Finally, John had provided a basketball compilation from our games against Marshall and Churchill, with a nice mix of up-and-down-the-floor action, accompanied by some static photos and a few scrapbook-worthy pieces of ephemera to punctuate his production. The video includes the two pressure packed free-throws that Danny Perry nailed -- with just seconds remaining -- to defeat Marshall 53-51.

While the topic here is specifically men’s varsity sports, the flavor of the events and the imagery captured help to transport the viewer back to the late 1975 and early 1976, when these game were originally played.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Classmate Larry Beck's love of photography was obvious, even during our high school years. Perhaps you saw him lugging around his film camera to capture the events we enjoyed. We were lucky enough to get our hands on some great footage from his archives, shot way back when...

His Super 8mm contributions came in two reels, along with Larry’s disclaimer, “This was shot by an young kid who didn’t always apply ‘proper exposure’ -- sometimes too bright outside, sometime too dark shot indoors”, he warned. In this case, it adds to the charm of these items, and they are presented here without a soundtrack, as originally filmed.

His contribution opens with 400 ft of edited film from the fall of 1974. This contains multiple short reels (50ft) of various AHHS track events, both at our stadium and on the road. It features several of our classmates, as well as some upper and lower classmen. You might recognize Dwight Chumbly, “Zebra” Montemayor, “Butchie” Vatella, Bill Carlston, Billy Mitchell, Scott Moore, Gus Schriner, Chris Montesclaros, and Bill Foley, just to name a few. There is an odd drop-in during the track sequence, showing graduation practice on the football field for the Class of 1975 (from spring of that year), plus a glimpse of the varsity cheerleaders from our junior year. Despite it’s unusual placement within the track sequence, it’s still a great look back!

The 200-foot reel that followed revealed an amazing series of school-centric events. In the 10 minutes captured here, we’ve got a chance to revisit a number of significant and memorable events from the spring of 1976. We start with a bit of footage from our gradutaion ceremony at Laurie Auditorium on the campus of Trinity Universtiy. It features a few our classmates walking up to get our diplomas. A huge flag hung behind the stage in honor of our upcoming bicentennial. Hard to tell who the graduates are, but I suspect Larry had handed off his camera, and walked the across the stage with us (remember: grab with the left, shake with the right).

Next up is few minutes of footage shot at one of the graduation parties that May. Larry describes this as “very silly and perhaps incriminating”.  In the film strip samples included above, you’ll see screen grabs (despite the pinkish cast of the exposure) showing many familiar faces, each captured for just a few seconds. The brisk pace of these short vignettes give it a sort of Lone Star-infused, intoxicated walk through the party. There was quite a bit of mugging for the camera, with lots of people feeling compelled to stick out their tongues (a la Gene Simmons of KISS). Quite a few prodigious samples of this muscular hydrostat can be seen. Larry cleverly positioned himself at the top (or bottom) of the spiral staircase at whoever’s place this was, and caught some great shots of surprised faces as they encountered him (and his camera).

Spliced onto this segment is footage of Senior Day at Camp Warnecke in New Braunfels. Classmates can be seen sitting outside at a table, playing “Zoom” (also called “Zoom Schwartz Profigliano”-- a verbal “tag” drinking game with many variations and names), but this time, without alcohol. The day continues with more general fun on the rapids, with inner tubes, lots of showing off, and basically just a relaxing day-off from school for the seniors.

Last up is a very short reel shot at San Pedro Playhouse, featuring our own Debbie Rosales in a play called “El Grande De Coca Cola”. This was done shortly after our graduation, and came on the heels of her performance in our senior play, “Bye Bye Birdie”.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

So that’s what we’ve got . . . about seventy-plus minutes of fun from four decades ago. I think this entire DVD will turn out to be a rare gem, triggering great memories and bringing our high school days back into sharper focus. The committee encourages you to advance order your copy, and we’ll fulfill your request by mail once we receive enough orders to make the duplication process cost-effective.
-- JK

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